Combinations of symbols and payouts in slots

Combinations of symbols and payouts in slots

The vast majority of casino slot payouts are based on winning combinations of the same symbols. This point of the rules seems elementary, but it has a lot of interesting nuances.

To learn to understand the details of the slot machines, you should find comprehensive answers to the following questions:

  • How to form payable chains in the slots?
  • How are the winnings calculated in the machines?

The main types of combinations in slot machines

To begin with, make sure that you understand how to form payable combinations in the slots. The basic principles are described in the main article on the rules of the slot machines. If you are taking your first steps in online casinos, study this publication.

Winning chains can be formed in the following ways:

  • On fixed active lines – This is a common approach. There are a certain number of active lines in the slot. Each of them implies the order in which they should line up
  • On a different number of lines – In such machines, winning sequences are also formed on certain strips, but the customer himself decides how many lines to use. Naturally, the more of them, the higher the total bet, but the options to get a payout is also more.
  • Without taking into account active strips – If there are no certain lines, the chains are formed from the same pictures in any cells on adjacent drums. In such models, the winning combinations are usually a lot.
  • According to the principle of clusters – This is even more unusual way. Chains are made of symbols of the same type, which can be located anywhere on the screen, but must touch each other edges (not diagonally).
symbols and payouts in slots

In addition, if active lines are used, there are different rules for arranging combinations:

  • Left to right – This approach is the most common. Paying chains must start from the first column on the left.
  • From both sides – In this case, the sequences can develop from left to right or right to left.
  • In any position on the strip – In such games, combinations can be anywhere on the line.

Getting acquainted with a new game slot, always carefully read the rules concerning this aspect.

Exceptions to the rules of forming combinations

Not all pictures form a winning sequence of the above rules. Some symbols are paid differently.

Identify the main types of such icons:

  • Scatters (Scatter) – They bring winnings, being in any cells on the screen. In this case, the payout amounts are determined by the total bet and special odds.
  • Mixed chains – In some video slots payable sequences can be formed from different elements. For example, in the classic slot machines so act single, double and triple BAR. Most often, these payments are minimal.
  • Jokers, or Wild – These pictures are not always represented on all reels, so it happens that they can not form combinations. But if they are paid by themselves, the winnings are usually the maximum. Their main feature is that they can replace other icons.

Also there are icons that do not pay at all. They are designed to trigger different types of bonuses.

Criteria for calculating the payout in slots

Now let’s understand how to determine the amount of winnings in the casino slot machine. Most often winnings are calculated according to two basic criteria:

  • Bet is the amount the player has put on the line in the current round;
  • The odds are fixed numbers like x2, x5, x1000, x10000 and the like.
  • These two ratios are multiplied. For example, the bet per line is equal to one euro. On the active strip is a combination with a multiplier of x9000. The winnings in this case is nine thousand euros.

Immediately note that it is not always taken into account the bet on a single strip. Many machines take the total amount at stake, the value of the coins or some other values as the basis.