Salon Prive Roulette by GameScale

Salon Prive Roulette casino game

The range of online games produced by GameScale, which includes models of different genres, includes a very colorful VIP roulette, which is offered under the name Salon Prive.

Play online Salon Prive Roulette

“Salon Prive” is a virtual roulette game with European rules. On its wheel there are thirty-seven numbers from 0 to 36, arranged in the traditional order. The same numbers are duplicated on the layout of the table, which provides cells for betting of different types. The goal is to guess at which number (or group of numbers) stop the ball and make one or more bets.

Salon Prive Roulette casino

The general provisions of the gameplay and the principles by which it is conducted, are discussed in a separate article of the section “Rules”. If you do not know how to play roulette at all, then you should start by familiarizing yourself with this publication. Hereafter, we’ll talk directly about Salon Prive. In a clean room you can bet from ten to two hundred credits. A total of no more than 24,000 credits from the table is accepted per spin.

The game features the usual internal and external bets. You can also play by sector (Tiers, Jeu 0, Voisins and Orphelins) and by neighbor, placing chips on a separate track. The gameplay begins with the customer selecting the denomination of the chips and placing bets. Then the virtual dealer runs the ball to determine the winning number. The final step is to make the payout. With these rules in Salon Prive Roulette should act traditional for European roulette return level.

How to play Salon Prive Roulette? (Interface)

The main part of the game screen is the layout of the table and a drum, which begins to rotate with the beginning of the spin. Roulette control panel is the most convenient and understandable, even without translation. To select a bet, you need to click on the chip with the appropriate denomination, and then place chips on the field.

It is possible to repeat bets from the previous round and clear the field of chips with one button. Bets can also be made on the track, located on the left. On the right there is an information board where the winning number appears and the latest payouts are given.

Salon Prive plays pleasant music. You can choose tracks, as well as mute the sound altogether. The voice of the dealer can be male or female. Adjustable volume. Of the settings available turbo mode and select the size of the screen. Download roulette do not have to, because the game is designed to run in a browser.