7 card Stud Poker is another variation of the famous game in casino

7 card Stud Poker is another variation of the famous game in casino

Today, you can find a huge variety of entertainment on the Internet. Casino games deserve special love from users. Poker is a competition that will never go out of fashion. Smart card games are equally attractive for new customers of gambling clubs, as well as for experienced gamers with a long track record of winnings in casino.

If you have already mastered the game of Poker and even memorized the main card combinations, then it’s time for you to try new ways to play this competition. 7 card Stud Poker is a great version of this exciting game, which has its own unique rules and features.

How to play 7 card Stud Poker?

If you decide to learn how to play 7 card Stud Poker, first, you need to remember the basic rules of any Poker game, which are repeated in all other versions of this game. First, in all types of Poker, the game is played between the players and the croupier who deals the cards.

A traditional card deck consists of 52 sheets. In addition, a common feature for all types of Poker games is that the combinations of cards have the same embodiment. Therefore, everywhere there is a hand Flush Royal, which is the most expensive. In addition, in any type of Poker, you can collect 3 of a Kind or Straight and Flush. However, not all types of this card game allow you to collect, for example, Full house or 4 of a Kind.

If we are talking about rules of 7 card Stud Poker, then the feature here is that the participants of the round receive seven cards at the table, not two, but five of which should make the strongest combination. As a rule, this version of the card game is played with limited bets. This means that the bid amount is set in advance, but other options are possible, such as a Pot Limit. However, this type is very rare today in online casinos.

In this card game, each user gets 7 cards by the end of the hand: three in the shadow (only the player sees them) and four in the open. Keep in mind that the hands are made up of 5 cards.

The hand rounds in 7 card Stud Poker games start immediately after the players have made the mandatory ante bet. This stage is followed by trading circles. They start at third street and go all the way up to seventh. The last street of bidding, which is also called the river, means that the participant of the round receives a closed card. After the final stage of trading, all gamers compare the results and determine the winner with the strongest combination.

Best mobile apps for games

Many gamers today prefer to play on the go. To do this, modern providers create game applications that can be installed on your smartphone and run at any convenient time and place. The best apps for playing 7 card Stud Poker in 2020 for the popular Android and IPhone operating systems are:

  • PartyPoker. The universal app, which can be installed on any mobile gadget, allows you to play various types of Poker offline, including 7 card Stud Poker.
  • GGpoker. An application that is considered to be the most innovative and progressive in the modern world of virtual casinos.
  • Unibet Poker. Another cool app where almost all Poker games can be run absolutely for free.
  • PokerStars. The largest modern app for fans of seven card Stud Poker games. Here is the largest collection of video card games.
  • 888Poker. Optimal gaming app for beginners of gambling.

As you may see, the world of virtual Poker today offers many opportunities for exciting games. Choose the appropriate app and start playing for real money.