Video poker games, playing guidelines and popular slots available

Video poker games general overview

It is apparent that video poker games are ones of the most popular slots out there. In comparison to any other game, video poker has obvious range of advantages, which makes the gameplay more exciting and challenging. It also the first type of slots that appeared in land casinos as early as in 70s of the last century.

Over the course of the time video poker has evolved substantially and now is available online, so any individual may give it a try either for free or for real money. The range of advantages may be stated as follows:

  • It has the lowest RTP percentage compare to any other type of slot.
  • House edge advantage is reduced to the absolute minimum.
  • Players play only against the machine.
  • The machine does not distribute money that other players have put in it.
  • The sheet with hand and payouts is always displayed right in front of the player.

Game Video poker is learnt at once and then rules stay the same, so skills can be applied to other poker slots machines.

Video poker playing guidelines

The rules of playing video poker are roughly the same everywhere. The machines differ in terms of interface themes, special effects, sounds and the amount of stakes. In all other terms, it is all the same and the same rules and principles are used. Here is how to play it:

  • Firstly, select denomination by selecting the icons on the screen.
  • Secondly, play to video poker, select the exact game a person wants to play.
  • Thirdly, commence playing by hand and press “Play max credit” icon.
  • Make selection of hand a player would like to either “Hold” or “Cancel”.
  • If a player wants to cancel action: they should press icon underneath the card and then click on the card again.
  • Press either “Deal” or “Draw” icons to save cards that are selected or replace them with the other cards.
  • Select “Double up” if a player has winning hands and whishes to increase the stake.

Video poker games can be given a free trial by accessing free offline poker games. It provides decent practice that contributes well to getting familiar with this wonderful game.

Most played video poker games

The most played video poker slots are not the ones that are located at online casinos with the best bonuses and promotions but the ones which have the best payouts. Although RTP is already high, some online gambling resources reduce house edge advantage even further to attract more players.

Indeed, matching bonuses and free coins are also given, which helps to add some more benefits to a player. Here are some wonderful online casinos that are regarded to be ones of the best in the business:

  • 888 Casino;
  • Luxury Casino;
  • Casino Action;
  • Liberty Slots;
  • Sloto Cash Casino;

Video poker games have great color themes and outstanding graphics whereas poker games free mode is always available to learn the rules and find out how to play it a little bit better.